Compositions by Elise Letourneau

Elise Letourneau’s compositional style blurs the lines between classical, jazz, and popular music. Her mastery of various genres and instruments informs her innovative work, with an unflinching attention to melodic beauty. Her deep sensitivity to lyrical poetry, and to the voice itself, imbues her music with a sense of singability and intuitiveness. She writes and chooses texts that embody groundedness and goodwill, and sets them in motion through her music. Her instrumental music also reflects this lyrical sense.

"Elise Letourneau capitalizes on her active background in the jazz field, while also displaying considerable skill writing academically/classically oriented music. Letourneau writes with vivid imagination, confidence, and a willingness to try new things in the choral idiom." 

- Giselle Wyers, Chair of Voice & Choral, University of Washington School of Music

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