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Elise Letourneau is a multiple award-winning Canadian composer, and an accomplished songwriter, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist performer, and educator. Her works have been performed around the globe. In addition to writing and recording, her current work includes:
Voices Rock Canada - choir director
The Fieldown Singers - studio vocalist
Alcorn Music Studios - instructor

"Elise Letourneau has the whole musical package - perfect time, perfect rhythm, perfectly in tune, the meaningful delivery of lyrics, improvisatory ideas, beautiful tone. Just pure talent."
- Barry Kernfeld, author & editor, What to Listen For In Jazz, New Grove Dictionary of Jazz

"Move over Diana Krall."
- Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Competitions, Grants, Awards

• Ruth Watson Henderson composition competition winner
• Choral Canada (ACCC) composition competition winner
• The American Prize in choral composition - finalist (4 times)
• Canada Council for the Arts
• Ontario Arts Council
• Ottawa Arts Council
• City of Ottawa Cultural Funding
• Atlantic Voices composition competition
• PennPAT rostered artist, additional grants (Pennsylvania Performing Arts On Tour)

“With a distinct compositional profile, generated by a fascinating choice of texts, the choral music of Elise Letourneau is melodious, inevitably memorable, and always accessible.” 
– The American Prize in Choral Composition


Elise's choral piece, "Peace Prayer", was the topic of Episode 12 of Dr. Joel Tranquilla's "Repertoire Wednesday" series. It's available HERE from Cypress Choral Music.

Partial Discography

• The Fieldown Sessions - The Fieldown Singers  
• The Long & Winding Road – Brian Browne & Elise Letourneau  
• The Glimmer Mass – The Fieldown Singers   
• Winter 1 Collection – The Fieldown Singers   
• Spirit 1 Collection – The Fieldown Singers  
• Requiem for Fourteen Roses – choral work – 2 CDs  
• Capital Vox Sings Elise Letourneau – choral works  
• Pas de deux – Elise Letourneau & Harry Pickens  
• I Will Sing for You – Elise Letourneau & band 

“Elise Letourneau capitalizes on her active background in the jazz field, while also displaying considerable skill writing academically/classically oriented music. Letourneau writes with vivid imagination, confidence, and a willingness to try new things in the choral idiom.”  
– Giselle Wyers, Chair of Voice & Choral, University of Washington School of Music

A Smattering of Elise's choral works

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all selections recorded by The Fieldown Singers

À la claire fontaine - traditional French, arranged by Elise Letourneau

I Will Lay Down This Pencil, music by Elise Letourneau, poem by Nicola Vulpe (used with permission)

Glimmer Mass - Kyrie, music by Elise Letourneau, text traditional

Dust of Snow - music by Elise Letourneau, poem by Robert Frost (public domain)

Shenandoah - traditional American, arranged by Elise Letourneau

All shall be well...
and all shall be well...
and all manner of thing shall be well...

music by Elise Letourneau
text by Julian of Norwich
recorded by Vox Eclectica Women's+ Choir

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