Vox Eclectica Women's+ Choir

Dear Friends of Vox Eclectica Women’s+ Chamber Choir – 

Because of the global pandemic, we have transitioned to Vox Eclectica Women's+ Virtual Choir for the foreseeable future. At some point, we hope to resume our live chamber choir offerings in the intimate GigSpace Performance Studio, but for now we are exploring what we can build together while apart.

And we are discovering there is much we can build together while apart. We are gathering online weekly to learn and rehearse and keep our voices in shape, and sing a couple of songs together for fun, and laugh a lot. The move to being a virtual choir has brought us singers from beyond our home city (Ottawa ON), as well as from beyond our Canadian borders. It is a delight to bring our voices together from far apart.

We are rehearsing, recording, and offering one online video release per month. We are dedicated to exploring the female voice in its most captivating and entrancing settings; with music drawn from many genres, from Mozart to Mitchell, early music to Enya, lieder to lullabies, traditional music, new music, pop, rock, jazz, and more… 

You can stay informed by finding us on Facebook, or visit this page again. If you would like to sing with us, please contact Elise.

Let us bring vocal music into your life – come and join us in celebrating the universal voice and the current sounds of women's choral music. 

Elise Letourneau 
Music Director

Coming soon:
Hard Times Come Again No More