Requiem for Fourteen Roses: double CD
  • Requiem for Fourteen Roses: double CD
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This double-CD represents most of the music from "Requiem for Fourteen Roses", a concert-length work for choir, vocal soloist, and 8-piece chamber ensemble. The work was composed by Elise Letourneau to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the École Polytechnique Massacre of December 6, 1989 in Montreal QC and to remember the young women who were lost that day.

The work itself features a partnership of classical and jazz sensibilities, and the intertwining of texts in English, French, and Latin. The concert premiere featured a blend of professional and community musicians, received wonderful community support to help bring the work to fruition, and was presented to a capacity audience.

Disc 1, Choral & Vocal Selections, was recorded live at the world-premiere in Ottawa ON on December 6, 2014 - twenty-five years to the day after the tragedy occurred.

Disc 2, The Fourteen Miniatures, was recorded by the composer at Morning Anthem Studio. The pieces are presented here as piano works, but they are designed to work with varying instrumentations.

Geneviève Bergeron Hélène Colgan Nathalie Croteau Barbara Daigneault Anne-Marie Edward Maud Haviernick Maryse Laganière Maryse Leclair Anne-Marie Lemay Sonia Pelletier Michèle Richard Annie St-Arneault Annie Turcotte Barbara Klucznik Widajewicz

we remember you... nous nous souvenons de toi...

December 6, 1989 credits released November 13, 2015

For CD#1

Choir: Aram Adjemian, Mariam Al-Naser, Penny Annand, Bethany Armstrong, Chris Armstrong, Laura Buckland, Lee Carter, Philip Cartwright, Sandra Clarke, Marjorie Cooper, Marie Delorme, Patrick Denison, Errol Fletcher, Normand Glaude, David Hudson, Diane Jesmer, Pam Ladouceur, Tim Lash, Barbara Lyon, Jane MacDonald, Sylvie Marcil, Lynn McGuigan, Ross Mickelson, Kieran Milne, Mark Mitchell, Fauzya Moore, Karen Moore, April Norris, Joanne O’Connor, Kathleen O’Leary, Clare Pearson, Mary-Ellen Pitts, Katy Quinn, Sylvie Rimbach, Diane Ross, Janet Siltanen, Mike Steinberg, Rebecca Taylor, Anna Torgerson, Bill Tyson, Marc-André Veselovsky

Composer: Elise Letourneau Conductor: Rachel Beausoleil Vocal Soloist: Sienna Dahlen Additional vocalists: Rachel Beausoleil, Elise Letourneau Flute: Mike Tremblay Cello: Joan Harrison Piano: Elise Letourneau (3-14), Mark Ferguson (1-2) Double Bass: John Geggie Flugelhorn: Nicholas Dyson, Roberta Archibald Trombone: Mark Ferguson, Ryan Purchase Stage Manager: Carlo Verdicchio

Producers: Normand Glaude & Elise Letourneau Concert Recording: Wayne Hawthorne Mixing & Mastering: Normand Glaude - Morning Anthem studio CD jacket design & layout: Marilee Townsend-Alcorn Back cover photo: Claude Brazeau

For CD#2

Piano: Elise Letourneau Engineer: Normand Glaude Recorded at Morning Anthem Studio, Cumberland ON

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