A Christmas Wish

SATB a cappella setting of a beautiful poem-blessing by Harry Pickens. Used with permission.

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Today –– on this sacred birthday...
this joy and mirth day...
this remember your true worth day...
Today –– this day when Love incarnate...
from lowly manger of silent mind and receptive heart
finds a brand new start in you... in me.
At long last born – 'I'm here!' Love cries;
'now rest your burdens – I've arrived.'
Today –– this day of celebration...
this day of joyful anticipation
when at last hearts turn to giving
and we remember why we're living...
(Love's the only reason.)
May this day bring a new season of good
into your soul's neighborhood,
and may you remember the Light that you are,
following your very own North Star
until at last only Love lives in you.

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